Capacitive Touch Controls

Capacitive controls base on single sensor elements. They are electronic switching devices with no moving parts, which are operated by finger touch. The switching process is triggered while touching a surface, for example, by a change in capacitance. Capacitive controls replace more and more the currently used mechanic keys and controls.

Under the brand name PolyTC®, PolyIC produces transparent conductive films with which you can achieve flat touch keys as controls

Individual solutions depending on the application such as keys, slides, controls or complete control elements can be realized. They can be clear or transparent according to customer wishes. Depending on the application a decoration with IMD (Inmold Decoration) is possible.

Applications for PolyTC® Capacitive Controls

  • Automotive Interieur
  • White Goods and Home Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Any device with an even surface or freedom in design is needed

Advantages and Features of PolyTC® capacitive Controls

  • Capacitive controls, slides and buttons feasible
  • Individual layout possible
  • High electrical conductivity
  • High flexibility on thin PET substrate
  • High availability as a result of mass production in a roll-to-roll process
  • Easy to integrate
  • Combination with IMD decoration possible

In case you have any questions regarding the transparent and conductive PolyTC® films please do not hesitate contacting our team via info(at)

Further information on PolyTC® films