PolyTC® in Touch Screens

Touch Screens are the basis of modern, interactive input devices which stand out due to their ease of operation.

Touch sensors are already widely used, especially for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet PCs and it is assumed that the development of the market is still going strong. Consequently, PolyTC® films provide an ideal base as replacement for the currently most used indium tin oxide (ITO) films. Especially in the rapidly increasing multi-touch sensors PolyTC® films offer ideal conditions through their individually created layout that will be implemented directly in the production without consuming additional steps. PolyTC® films can be used for resistive as well as for capacitive touch sensores.

Applications of Touch Screens

  • Mobile phones and smart phones
  • Tablet PCs
  • Netbooks and Laptops
  • GPS
  • Information- and control displays
  • Screens for any kind of devices

Advantages and Features of PolyTC® Touch Screens

  • Thin and flexible, basis of PET foils (polyester)
  • High optical transparency due to transparent substrate
  • High and individually adjustable electrical conductivity due to metallic circuits (metal mesh)
  • Individually customizable layout and sensor systems possible
  • High quality even in large quantities
  • Combination with other materials e. g. IMD (in mold decoration) films for decoration
  • High availability as a result of mass production in a roll-to-roll proces

In case you have any questions regarding the transparent and conductive PolyTC® films please do not hesitate contacting our team via info(at)polyic.com.


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