Foil to touch – experience live applications of printed electronics at the LOPE-C 2010 in Frankfurt

At the LOPE-C in the Frankfurt Congress Center, PolyIC unveils new applications of printed electronics. Highlights include PolyIC’s transparent, conductive foils as ITO replacements, first customer applications of printed RF chips and interactively activated lottery tickets. All these applications are based on PolyIC’s roll-to-roll technology for the production of printed electronics, which were presented at the previous LOPE-C in the form of a mile-long roll of printed electronics.

For the first time, PolyIC shows the transparent, high-resolution and conductive foil straight from the roll. These foils can be used to replace ITO (indium tin oxide) in many applications. Exemplary applications comprise touch sensors, displays, electric heating elements and ESD / EMC protection.

A customer application with printed RF chips (PolyIC’s PolyID® product line) was implemented as an interactive marketing application in cooperation with a big mail-order retailer: At a marketing terminal, a catalogue equipped with an RF tag allows to activate a video or a lottery. As future printed products will have interactive components, this gives a first taste of the converging of the two worlds of «electronics and printing». This application is always received with great interest.

A further example shows the use of RFID tags allowing wireless verification of product genuineness. At the LOPE-C, you can test a soap dispenser indicating genuineness of the cartridge by means of a printed RF tag.

For the first time in the world, PolyIC shows printed RF-activated displays (PolyIC’s PolyLogo® product line) in action. Together with other OE-A partners, PolyIC has realized a «Raffle Ticket» to bring you good luck during the LOPE-C.

In the future, next generation games will be equipped on the printing machine with innovative functionality. The game card with printed memory enables new interactive games and toys. Discover this application of printed memory, realized by PolyIC in cooperation with Thin Film Electronics ASA, at our booth.

With the «Evaluation Kit for printed RF tags» we take the next step: The Evaluation Kit, which you can see at our booth during the LOPE-C, comprises a reader and printed RF tags. The RF tags in this kit demonstrate the essential functions of RF-readable tags, but without ID. The LOPE-C 2010 is printed electronics to touch – at PolyIC’s booth #B10.