Industrial Sectors for PolyTC®

PolyTC® for Home Appliances

The replacement of mechanical switches and buttons by touch elements is an ongoing trend in the home appliance industry. New design trends, cost effectiveness and smart integration are mandatory requirements for the home appliance industry. Besides these requirements PolyTC® films enable these advantages in freedom of the design as well as curved surfaces.

PolyTC® for the Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is one of the most important industries for innovations. The requirements are stability, durability as well as safe functionality. Of course an even and well decorated surface is mandatory. A number of applications can be equipped with PolyTC® films such as touch screens for GPS, radio as well as touch buttons, sliders and wheels for air-conditioners, window lifts and others.

PolyTC® for Consumer & General Applications

The industry sector requires solutions for the controls of e.g. large machines, information terminals or ATMs. The solutions need to be rugged, interference-free and reliable. Due to the usage of metals with high conductivity the PolyTC® films show a high interference resistance, a high signal to noise ratio and high stability. PolyTC® films can solve these requirements with customized solutions.