Technical Information on PolyTC®

PolyTC® consists of high-resolution conductive metal (metal mesh) structures which can be customized and manufactured in high volumes and at low costs using proprietary roll-to-roll processes. Consequently, PolyTC® provides an ideal replacement for flexible circuit boards in touch key applications or for indium tin oxide (ITO) layers in touch screens. They offer a better signal to noise ratio, higher flexibility and a high optical performance.

The transparent and conductive PolyTC® films enable a multitude of applications such as touch sensor solutions as well as several further applications. They can be used to manufacture very thin, flexible, transparent touch sensors which can be easily integrated into many applications and which can be controlled using conventional electronic components.


Transparent and conductive PolyTC® films
Significant technical parameters:

Property Typical Value
Transparency >85%
Sheet resistance 5-30 Ω/sq
Min. structure size 6 μm
Substrate PET
Substrate thickness Standard 50-75 μm
Conductive material Metals (e.g.: Ag)
Additional wiring Customer specific
Additional layers Customer specific
Production methode Roll-to-roll production
Delivery Form On roll, single sheet,
ready-to-use sensor

Integration of PolyTC® Films

For the integration of PolyTC® films as final products a number of different techniques can be employed. Especially the display industry uses lamination with optical clear adhesives (OCA) as standard process. Due to the possibility of single layer set up and thin films this technology can be applied for PolyTC® films as well. Further methodes of integration are e.g. integration by means of inmold labeling (IML), Functional Foil Bonding (FFB), etc.


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