Transparent and conductive metal-mesh sensors.

PolyIC’s transparent and conductive sensors (brand name PolyTC®) are based on PolyIC’s roll-to-roll printed electronics technology. The sensors are electrical components with a high potential for exciting applications.

PolyTC® sensors consist of thin metal layers (metal mesh) on a plastic film (polyester – PET). It is produced in a roll-to-roll process with a minimum structure size in the micrometer range. They are ideal in applications where high transparency and high electrical surface conductivity are needed. In many applications, PolyTC® films replace the widely used indium tin oxide (ITO).

PolyTC® sensors are produced individually and according to customer specifications. Of course, PolyIC gladly offers to advice and support.


Further Informations on PolyTC®:

Industrial Sectors for PolyTC®

Applications with PolyTC®-Films

Technical Information on PolyTC®-Films


PolyTC® Advantages

  • High metallic conductivity enables high sensor scanning frequency & signal quality
  • High optical transparency and true color effect
  • Roll-to-roll production process with very high production capacity
  • Ready-to-use sensors are individually produced accoring to customer requirements
  • Flexible, bendable, thin films for flat and curved surfaces
  • Suitable for use with conventional laminating technology, injection molding or functional foil bonding
  • Electrical connector (tail) can be integrated in the printing process

For more information, please download the Brochure PolyTC® Sensors.

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