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PolyIC: Custom Sensor Solutions

Touch-free mobile devices, smart home devices, or vending HMI displays? Unthinkable today? Practical operation by gentle touch has become an integral part of our everyday life. Whether in the office or at home, touch screens, touch sliders, and touch wheels impress with their intuitive operation.

What mostly means convenience for the end user is important for product manufacturers for a completely different reason: Touch applications give you greater freedom in product design. By eliminating mechanical components such as switches, rotary wheels, or an entire keyboard, designers can adapt the variable size and format of their electrical device to customer requirements.

Be inspired by our flexible touch solutions and discover our range of sensor foils – Made in Germany.

    And there are more features that will delight your customers:

    • Time-saving input and device control
    • Individual input screens possible (without restrictions due to mechanical control elements)
    • Space and weight savings
    • Price advantage as mechanical elements are eliminated
    • Hygienic advantage due to the easy-clean surface
    • No unwanted deposits in gaps between mechanical components
    • Possibility of atmospheric backlighting effects
    • Harmonious integration into the holistic design concept
    • Made in Germany


    Discover our latest developments and meet us for a personal conversation.

    Functional Sensor Solutions for Your Industry

    Are you ready to leave the familiar behind? Then you have come to the right place! PolyIC opens doors to the world of smart sensor technology. With our 100% customizable sensor foils, you can equip your products with tailor-made touch sensors without compromising on form and format. We implement a wide range of requirements for your specific industry. In addition to special flexibility, our touch-sensitive sensors also boast maximum transparency, top results in the climate change test, and consistently high functionality in case of vibration or shock.

    Find out more about our offerings for your industry here:

    Our Touch Application Portfolio

    Touch applications can be used for a wide range of electrical devices. The advantages are clear: Convenient and intuitive operation, forward-looking designs with a harmonious overall appearance, quick cleaning, and the elimination of tedious spare parts ordering, as there are no mechanical buttons, switches, and rotary wheels that could be damaged with touch applications. At PolyIC, we distinguish between three application groups: Touchscreens for operating displays, highly functional touchpads and control elements in the form of capacitive sensor buttons, and elegant touch sliders with fascinating backlighting effects. Immerse yourself in the world of PolyIC touch sensors and be inspired by our breathtaking design concepts.

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