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Stepping Towards a Common Future

Curiosity and an unbridled urge to research are the essences of our successful company history. With our unparalleled sensitivity and technological experience, we are constantly setting new trends and able to already recognize our customers’ future wishes today. This is based on shared values such as quality and trust. As the market grows, so does the difficulty of choosing the right partner for your projects. Many providers promise good quality and process reliability, but only we offer real added value: Flexibility, customization, and a first-class full-service package consisting of consulting, technology, and design. See for yourself!

PolyIC Sets New Quality Standards

The PolyIC corporate philosophy is based on customer focus and a technological edge. For us, quality is the benchmark of everything: From project planning to production, and responsibility for our employees. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, our customers can also be sure of the high standard of our work. By introducing the quality management system, we have been able to increase our focus on controlling and optimizing our operating and process flows.

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Sharing a Vision: PolyIC & the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A)

PolyIC is a member of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A). OE-A is an information and communication platform for companies and research institutions working with this new polymer based printed electronics technology. OE-A’s vision is to build a bridge between science, technology, and applications.

OE-A was founded in December 2004 under the umbrella of the VDMA and creates a platform for companies and research institutions active in this field. The association promotes cooperation between OE-A members through the exchange of information and experiences, and initiates cooperation between OE-A members in technical projects. OE-A currently has significantly more than 50 members from all over the world, most of them from European countries.

More information about OE-A can be found on the association’s website

Cohesion as the Greatest Asset: Code of Conduct

PolyIC and the KURZ Group are fully aware of their social responsibility and have included the topic of Codes of Conduct in their own corporate strategies.

By the way: A Code of Conduct, is a collection of behaviors that can or should be applied in a wide range of environments and contexts depending on the respective situation.

Why Are We Committing to the Code of Conduct?

  • Increasing globalization of markets
  • International division of labor, growing exchange of goods and commodities, and increasing global competition
  • Society’s changing expectations of a company
  • An awareness of a company’s social responsibility towards the environment, its employees, and the entire economic cycle
  • Compliance with social standards of greatest interest
  • Denunciation of companies that violate basic social conditions in terms of ethics or morals

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

We guarantee compliance with the following international Codes of Conduct to our customers and suppliers as well as to the public, government agencies, and authorities:

  • International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions
  • UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • Agenda 21

Download the KURZ Code of Conduct.