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Zoom, Scroll, Swipe: New Touchpad Functionalities

Multi-finger gesture control, freely definable touch actions and intuitive control: While touchpads used to serve as a pure replacement for the mouse, they now offer a wide range of functions and high precision. How can manufacturers and product designers meet the changed requirements? How can solutions be developed that impress with the highest functionality and always create wow effects in daily use?

PolyIC sensors offer high transparency and flexibility, while also offering efficient manufacturing and a high degree of customization. This opens up completely new possibilities for the design of smart touchpads and the implementation of intelligent functions. Ultra-thin, invisible silver-based Metal Mesh structures are applied to a transparent PET carrier, providing unparalleled conductivity.

Advantages of Touchpads with PolyTC® Sensor Technology at a Glance

  • Thin, flexible sensor films with high transparency thanks to the PET carrier
  • High conductivity via silver Metal Mesh
  • Individual layouts and sensor systems can be implemented
  • High quality, even for large quantities
  • Can be combined with In-Mold Decoration (IMD)
  • High availability through roll-to-roll production
  • High flexibility due to different integration methods

New Standards with PolyIC Sensor Technology

Smooth, homogeneous surfaces – with antiviral and antibacterial coating on request – intuitive and convenient operation, impressive appearance: Touchpads with PolyTC® sensors impress consumers and offer a number of advantages for brand owners. Learn more about the added value of PolyTC® technology and gain a competitive advantage – whether in the home appliances, consumer electronics or automotive design sectors.