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HMI Solutions for Consumer Electronics

PolyIC sensor solutions simplify the operation of consumer electronics as convenient touch buttons or customized touch displays. What’s more, they also open up new communication channels with your customers: After all, a HMI display cannot only be used for input; it can also visualize features, functions, or process steps. This way, the customer receives direct feedback on the touch screen, and doesn’t remain unsure whether their entry in your electric device has been carried out correctly.

Electrical Units with Sensor Technology in Series Production

With PolyIC, you have a partner at your side who not only offers you individual solutions, but also equips your entire product line with touch functionality. This is because metal-mesh touch sensors are ideally suited for the integration into consumer electronics in series production. These are manufactured with maximum efficiency using the roll-to-roll process, which gives you a significant plus in your time account. In doing so, we remain highly flexible and adapt our sensor foils precisely to the size and format of your consumer electronics requirements. PolyIC sensor technology for electrical devices also impresses in series production with unmistakable advantages. See for yourself:


  • High conductivity
  • High transparency
  • Flexible deformability
  • For 2.5D to 3D shaped displays
  • For touch screens, touch buttons, and touch sliders
  • Easy integration into entertainment devices

Touch Sensors as Single Players or a Clever Addition in Consumer Electronics

Touch sensors offer you maximum advantages in terms of functionality, integration, and design. Consumer electronics customers, in particular, can be won over by the aesthetics and comprehensive functionality that touch displays can achieve.

Touch operation also impresses as a barrier-free supplement for electrical devices with voice control. Because you know what its like: As soon as the ambient sounds are too loud, voice input becomes difficult. Then our capacitive touch buttons and displays also support your customers in operation without distorting the design. Thanks to the PolyTC® smart sensor technology, we can flexibly integrate our sensor foils into flat or curved surfaces, all the way up to a 3D deformation. This allows you to offer your customers a perfect operating alternative that fits seamlessly into your HMI concept. The result is higher customer satisfaction and lasting trust in your product and brand.

On the Road to Digitalization with Touch

Modern electrical devices like smart devices or hybrid devices with touch control not only save input time but are also more hygienic. However, their true potential lies in digitalization. Without mechanical controls such as switches and buttons, you will remain more flexible in the further development of your operating software: No layout specifications due to mechanical elements, no component restrictions, no additional parts. This allows you to easily install updates and adapt your programs more and more precisely to your customers’ requirements. This is made possible by the integration of our high-performance and individually adjustable PolyIC touch sensors for consumer electronics.



Intuitive operation via touch display is the focus in consumer electronics. We support you in your device development and show you how to integrate touch sensors into your consumer electronics. Write to us!

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