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More Flexible, Thinner, More Transparent: Sensor Foils from PolyIC

Our high-performance touch sensors are based on revolutionary technology: PolyTC®. Typical for our PolyTC® sensor foils is a conductive coating which is applied to a transparent polyester substrate (PET). The lattice-like structures provide maximum electrical conductivity and at the same time high mechanical flexibility. Even designs with certain 3D shapes can be furnished with our sensor technology.

PolyTC® – The Key to Design Freedom

Our revolutionary PolyTC® technology provides you with enhanced functionality, design freedom, and customization. This makes it easy to implement trends such as capacitive sensor buttons, touch screens, single-touch or multi-touch applications, curved surfaces, or backlighting.


To help you understand the full potential of our PolyTC® sensors, we regularly develop inspiring application examples in collaboration with our parent company, LEONHARD KURZ. For us, this collaboration is an important part of our innovation strategy. With pioneering designs and smart sensor concepts for the automotive industry, household appliances industry, and consumer electronics, you can experience the full spectrum of technical possibilities with PolyIC.

PolyTC® Advantages at a Glance:

  • High signal quality and sampling frequency 
  • Flexible and transparent sensor film
  • High optical transparency
  • Stable heat resistance according to customer specifications
  • Customized function and label
  • Various integration options possible
  • Maximum freedom of design

Technical Information on Our Sensor Foils

PolyTC® sensor foils consist of conductive metal structures (metal mesh) with high optical resolution on a transparent PET substrate. They offer an ideal signal-to-noise ratio, high flexibility, and meet the highest optical requirements. Our sensor foils are custom-made in high volumes. In order to keep production costs as low as possible, we manufacture using the inexpensive roll-to-roll process. Consequently, PolyTC® is an ideal replacement for flexible printed circuit boards in touch key applications or for Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings in touch screens.

Service Package and Scope of Delivery

No matter which application, format, and integration option, we adapt each PolyTC® sensor to your individual requirements. Contact us and we’ll work with you to find the right sensor solution for your specific product.

To enable you to start production without delay, we supply our PolyTC® sensor foils as single, ready-to-use sensor labels, including input leads and adhesive layer. This means they can be directly and easily further processed right away. If required, an additional protective film ensures that the goods arrive undamaged. This serves as scratch protection and ensures freedom from particles. If you have any further requests regarding the packaging or delivery options, simply let us know. We will gladly adapt our delivery to your requirements – because your satisfaction is our top priority.


We consider consulting one of the foundations of a harmonious relationship with our customers. Our PolyTC® sensor solutions experts look forward to introducing you to the full range of functions of our patented sensor technology in a personal consultation. Contact us today!

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