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Soft Touch as You’ve Never Seen Before: Capacitive Sensor Buttons

What do my customers want? How can I have a positive effect on their everyday life – at home or in the office – with my products? How can I implement cost-effective and at the same time innovative operating panels? Brand owners, product managers, and designers face these questions on a daily basis. Capacitive switching elements are a convenient solution to make it easier for customers to operate their devices. Just a brief touch with your finger is all it takes to activate the desired feature on your device.

PolyIC sensors are the ideal technical basis for capacitive sensor buttons. Why? Because our sensors offer high transparency, flexibility, and slimline design. This is achieved with our patented PolyTC® sensor solution, which allows us to implement control elements in different sizes on even or curved surfaces. Keen to find out more? Here you can find more information about PolyTC®.

Capacitive Controls – What Is That?

In a nutshell: Electronic switching devices with a stored capacitive sensor. This causes functions to be triggered by a single touch of a finger. The switching process is initiated by a change in capacity when touching or approaching. To top it off, by integrating haptic feedback, customers receive direct feedback as to whether your input or activation of the control elements was successful. Classic mechanical components such as buttons, control switches, dials, and the like become obsolete. This trend can be observed across all industries worldwide.

PolyIC produces transparent, conductive sensor foils under the brand name PolyTC®; these allow you to implement integrated sensor buttons as operating elements. Flexibly adapted to your application, touch switches can be implemented individually or as functional groups.

Our Unique Advantage:

Thanks to the synergy with our parent company LEONHARD KURZ, we offer you a complete package of decoration and function. From the initial idea to implementation, we accompany you with innovative finishing processes, breathtaking designs, and expert advice – all with a focus on sustainable production.

Application Examples of Capacitive Controls

  • Automotive interior
  • White goods, household appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • All devices that require a flat surface or greater freedom of design

Advantages of PolyTC®:

  • Capacitive buttons, and sliding or rotary controls possible
  • Customizable layout
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Thin and flexible, based on polyester film
  • High availability due to roll-to-roll production
  • Simple and customizable integration
  • Ability to combine with IMD decoration methods

Touch Sliders: A Glimpse into the Future

Are you ready for new technologies? Then explore new paths towards modern comfort technology with us! Touch sliders with PolyIC sensors are the next generation of classic switching elements. Just like their predecessors, they boast touch functionality for activating commands. However, their special feature is the possibility of swiping or sliding horizontally and vertically – the multi-touch. This opens up completely new possibilities for customer loyalty, for this additional function allows you to expand your product portfolio and offer customers a wider range of operating options. Whether switching to another radio station in the car or switching to a gentle defrost program on the microwave, touch sliders definitely increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Advantages of PolyIC Touch Sensors for Sliders:


Choose Your Industry:

Ambient Lighting for Luxurious Accents

With our smart duo of metal-mesh structures and plastic substrate, our PolyIC touch sensors offer the best prerequisites for your electronic control elements backlighting concept. Our plastic carrier is very thin and extremely transparent at the same time. The silver-based metal mesh is color-neutral. This way, your backlit sensor switches retain the clarity and richness of color that you have planned in your design. Thanks to their performance, reliability, and customer-specific tails for easier integration, our sensor foils can be used universally in all backlighting modules, both indoors and outdoors.

Find out more about the PolyTC® performance spectrum of our PolyIC sensor technology here.

Award-winning Backlighting as a Future Trend for HMI Surfaces

If you’re looking for backlighting trends that even inspire the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), you’ve come to the right place. Together with our parent company LEONHARD KURZ, we are constantly developing fascinating backlighting concepts that regularly convince the judges of the Red Dot Award. With our innovative sensor technology and experience in the field of decoration, KURZ is the perfect partner for breathtaking light designs. Discover our award-winning designs here.

Smart Touch Solutions for All Living Conditions

From GPS in your car or the control panel on your fridge, sensor-controlled control elements make everyday life easier. Touch technology has become a modern standard in many electrical devices for business and leisure alike. The reasons are obvious: Convenient operation, freedom of design, and hygienic benefits. Simplify instrument control for your customers with our touch solutions for control elements. We would be happy to advise you on our PolyIC sensor solutions for touch buttons, wheels, sliders, and the like for a wide range of applications.


What can capacitive sensor buttons do? Are there unusual sensor formats also? You have questions, we give you answers. Our expert specialists will provide you with competent and reliable advice on individual touch sensor solutions from PolyIC. Write to us!

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