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PolyTC® Colorful Pictures: Innovative Sensor Technology for Attractive Designs

In recent years, household appliances and consumer electronics have changed dramatically due to technological advances and evolving consumer preferences. In addition to sustainability and smart connectivity, customization and design are particularly important. Today, household and electronic appliances must not only be functional but also esthetically pleasing and adaptable to the personal styles of both manufacturers and customers. Products are increasingly designed to provide an intuitive user experience and make complex features easily accessible.

With PolyTC® Colorful Pictures, we have developed an innovative sensor technology that responds to a current trend in household appliances, particularly in Asia. The new solution makes it possible to integrate colorful static images into touch sensors to create a more interesting appearance and make products more impactful. PolyTC® Colorful Pictures is a particularly cost-effective alternative to real LC displays and is recommended for applications and devices that need to display static information.

Cost-saving Manufacturing and Versatile Design

With PolyTC® Colorful Pictures, the sensor, the diffusion layer, and the digitally printed images are combined in one touch sensor film. This significantly simplifies the overall set-up and not only saves space but also several production steps. What makes the technology particularly attractive is its versatile design: It can be applied to non-conductive, metallized and brushed, or high-gloss surfaces, allowing for a wider range of design options. The images can be backlit via light shafts to ensure an appealing visual display and good readability in all lighting conditions. PolyTC® Colorful Pictures shows the user at first glance which device functions or settings are hidden behind the illustrations.


Flexible Solution with Many Possible Applications

PolyTC® Colorful Pictures complements the wide range of PolyTC® sensors, which offer flexibility, transparency, and a high optical resolution, and also support a variety of applications. The new technology offers not only esthetic but also economic benefits.

The possible areas of application include household appliances - such as coffee machines, ovens, and washing machines - as well as consumer electronics. There are also many interesting applications for the automotive sector.

PolyTC® Colorful Pictures: Features at a Glance

  • Integration of static colorful images into touch sensors to improve product design and impact
  • Meets the new trend in household appliances and electronics, particularly in Asia
  • Easier and cheaper production compared to conventional LC displays
  • Design flexibility: Can be used on metallized and brushed surfaces
  • Sensor, diffusion layer, and colored images in one component - simplifies construction and saves space
  • Backlighting of the images for better display and legibility
  • Ideally suitable for use in the household appliances, consumer electronics, and automotive sectors
  • No colour distortion of PolyTC® Colorful Pictures while using Metal Mesh


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