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Smart and efficient: PolyTC® Silver Ink

Consumers are placing ever-increasing demands on electrical appliances. They must not only be smart, but also visually appealing – and their design should enhance the home, the office, or even the car interior. There is also high cost pressure in an increasing number of industries. How can both aspects be combined? Advanced sensor solutions such as PolyTC® Silver Ink open up completely new possibilities in this regard.

Silver Structures with High Conductivity

A solution with high efficiency: With PolyTC® Silver Ink, a binding agent with silver particles is applied to the transparent PET carrier and enables precise positioning of conductive surfaces. The solution not only impresses with the variety of layout options, but also with durability thanks to a printed protective layer. PolyTC® Silver Ink is ideally suited for the implementation of backlit symbols for touch keys and, in combination with a diffuser layer, enables targeted light distribution and backlighting of the icons. The solution is also cost-effective in production thanks to efficient processes with few production steps.

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