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Ultra-Thin and Extremely Conductive: PolyIC Metal Mesh Sensors

A wafer-thin metal structure – so fine that it is invisible to the human eye – is attached to a transparent PET carrier that is both robust, bendable and flexible. The result is a versatile sensor foil that opens up brand new possibilities for use in a wide range of industries – from household appliances and consumer electronics to the automotive industry.

PolyTC® Metal Mesh: Efficient Production, Versatile Applications

PolyIC Metal Mesh sensors are produced in a roll-to-roll process. The metal structure is applied to the PET carrier in a single, highly efficient step in a grid-like pattern and sealed with a further PET layer, which is also transparent. This ensures not only the durability, but also the flexibility of the sensors, which are ideally suited for highly sensitive touchscreens, touchpads, but also for use in sliders, buttons and wheels.

Advantages of PolyTC® Metal Mesh at a Glance

  • High transparency without color shift
  • Use in applications with the highest optical requirements
  • Mutual Cap Matrix enables high-resolution multi-touch functionality
  • High flexibility for use in curved and 3D-formed components
  • Efficient roll-to-roll production
  • Different integration methods depending on the application and customer requirements
Technical Parameters


High signal quality and sampling frequency

Multi-touch, touch and gesture, individual keys, sliders, jog dials, proximity switches, 3D gestures

Customer-specific durability requirements, e.g., moisture, temperature fluctuations during storage


> 85 % (depending on layout)

Transparent PET substrate with metal mesh (structural size: min. 6 μm)

Surface Resistance

15 – 30 Ω/sq


Transparent polyester (PET) substrate (standard thickness: 50 or 75 μm)

Metal mesh with conductive silver (Ag)

Contact reinforcement with carbon black


Suitable sensor layout, e.g. moiré-free, no color change

Custom designs, e.g. backgammon, diamond pattern, individual keys

Sensor size: From single button up to ~12“ (depending on image format)

Modifiable total thickness (above average ~100 μm without adhesive layer)

Contact Options

Integrated tail for ZIF connectors, direct contact for ACF bonding, others possible

Input Lead

Directly integrated for Chip on Board (CoB) or without tail for Chip on Flex (CoF)

Get all technical specifications here.