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Multi-Talented for Transparent Touch Applications: PolyTC® PEDOT

From the washing machine to the micro-wave oven and the instrument panel in the car cockpit – while the front of appliances used to be characterized by mechanical switches and buttons, smooth connected surfaces with intelligent touch control are predominately used today. With our advanced PolyTC® PEDOT sensor technology, sliders, buttons and wheels can be implemented for a variety of different applications.

During the manufacture of PolyTC® PEDOT sensors, areas of the transparent carrier are printed with a conductive, also transparent polymer. The design not only impresses with transparency and high flexibility, but also with reduced production costs. Depending on requirements and budget, various processes for integrating the sensor can be used in consultation with the customer, making PolyTC® PEDOT a true multi-talent.

PolyTC® PEDOT: Efficient and Versatile

  • Ideally suited for manufacturing touch buttons, sliders and wheels
  • Conductive polymer enables flexible setup and positioning of touch keys
  • Cost-efficient production thanks to reduced number of production steps
  • High transparency enables backlighting and use in applications with Shy Tech design

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