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Who Are We?

PolyIC develops, and markets products based on platform technology for printed electronics. In November 2003, PolyIC was founded as a joint venture of LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG and Siemens AG. A lot has happened since then. In April 2006, the company moved its location from Erlangen to Fürth in order to give the growing business room for new developments. With the new headquarters on the LEONHARD KURZ site, cooperation with our parent company intensified once again. Since 2010, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG has held 100% of the shares. This brings together decades of know-how in the field of surface decoration and technical progress, represented in intelligent sensor solutions.

PolyIC Introduces Itself

Management Contacts

For nearly two decades PolyIC has focused with great passion and innovative spirit on the technology of printed electronics and touch sensors. We have grown our knowledge and achieved great expertise in these fields, focused always on the needs of our customers. That’s why our sensor foils and integration processes have gained wide market recognition for their innovative approach. Get to know our specialist range of touch sensors and you will soon feel part of the PolyIC family.


Nikolas Wagner

Managing Director of PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG

Mr. Wagner studied wood technology at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and completed his studies in 1998 with a diploma in engineering. At KURZ, he was then responsible for the KURZ USA organization for four years and headed up the local export department there. On his return, he began the development of various product groups for the Chinese market with KURZ Asia. In 2009 he became head of the IMD department, and in 2013 he became head of the ‘Business Area Plastics Decoration Sales and Marketing’ at LEONHARD KURZ. He has also been Managing Director of PolyIC since 2014.


Dr. Wolfgang Clemens

Authorized Signatory and Member of the Management

As Head of Product Management & Business Development at PolyIC, Dr. Clemens is responsible for the implementation of PolyTC® for new mass markets. After completing his physics degree (University of Cologne), he graduated from the Jülich Research Center in the physics of thin magnetic layers. At Siemens Corporate Technology, he was initially responsible for the development and application of magnetic sensors, and later for the development of Integrated Polymeric Circuits (IPC). As a co-founder of PolyIC in 2003, he has been part of the team from the very beginning.


From left to right: Dirk Bockwinkel (CEO), Nikolas Wagner (CEO), Dr. Walter Fix (authorized signatory and member of the management), Dr. Wolfgang Clemens (authorized signatory and member of the management), Thomas Ritzer (CEO)

What Do We Offer?

PolyIC focuses on producing printed and flexible electronics for high-volume markets. Our focus is on the production of transparent, conductive sensor foils for touch applications. We use our patented PolyTC® technology for this purpose. This gives our touch sensors greater transparency and flexibility as well as higher conductivity than other suppliers in the industry. They are ideal for use in touch screens and capacitive controls.

Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of combining decoration, functionality, and integration for maximum freedom of design.

This is made possible by the special features of the printed electronics produced by PolyIC. Our focus is on producing transparent, conductive foils for touch applications as well as for other applications where the foils are advantageous: