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PolyTC® VarioSym: Flexible Sensor with High Degree of Customization

The market for household appliances and consumer electronics is growing continually, and such products are becoming increasingly more convenient and smarter. For smooth surfaces that only come to life when touched, design is increasingly being defined by touch and gesture control and a high degree of individualization.

Smart and versatile sensor solutions are required to meet the changing market requirements. Solutions such as PolyTC® VarioSym. The revolutionary technology offers the highest functionality and maximum design freedom for capacitive keys, touchscreens and multi-touch sensors – even on curved and backlit surfaces.

(R)Evolution Through Further Development of Sensor Technology

The PolyTC® VarioSym technology is based on a multi-layer construction consisting of a touch sensor, diffusion layer, and a black, opaque, and non-conductive top layer. The latter enables digital lasering for customized icons, letterings, and structures. The diffusion layer, on the other hand, ensures uniform illumination of the display elements.

As all the required components (touch sensor, diffusion layer and opaque top layer) are combined in a single activity, one component and one work step are eliminated compared with conventional manufacturing processes for more efficient, cost-saving production. Learn more about PolyTC® VarioSym in our case study.

Advantages of PolyTC® VarioSym Technology at a Glance

  • Uniform LED backlighting
  • True black panel effect (Shy Tech design)
  • High degree of customization
  • Color variations without additional component variants
  • Very low manufacturing tolerances
  • Excellent conductivity and signal quality
  • Bendability, stability, and heat resistance
  • High optical transparency and color fastness (true color effect)
  • Flexible production, depending on area of application and budget