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PolyTC®: Technical Specifications


Typical Value

FunctionalityMulti-touch, touch & gesture, individual keys, sliders, jog dials, proximity switch, 3D gestures
Transparency> 85% (depending on layout)
Surface resistance15 – 30 Ω/qs
Structure sizeMin. 6 μm
Sensor sizeFrom individual keys to ~12” (depending on image format)
Conductive materialSilver (Ag)
Contact stiffeningCarbon black
Contact optionsIntegrated tail for ZIF connectors, direct contact for ACF bonding, others possible
SubstratePolyester (PET), transparent
Standard substrate thickness50; 75 μm
Set-upSee layer stack below, total thickness without adhesive layer ~100 μm
Optical characteristicsSuitable sensor layout, e.g., moiré-free, no color change
Layout designCustom, e.g., backgammon, diamond pattern, individual keys
Selection processSelf-cap, mutual-cap
Input leadDirectly integrated for Chip on Board (CoB) or without tail for Chip on Flex (CoF)
ResistanceCustomer-specific, e.g., moisture, temperature fluctuations during storage
Delivery formIndividual labels, other forms of delivery on request

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